Michael Benso testing the 24h door access with his fingerprint at EnerGym North Jax.

24-Hour Access System:

The Ultimate Solution to Boost Your Profits and Enhance Your Gym Business

Michael Benso testing the 24h door access with his fingerprint at EnerGym North Jax.
EnerGYM North JAX Elevates Member Experience with Avigilon and BUZOPS Integration: Offering Seamless 24/7 Gym Access Through Secure, Touchless Mobile Credentials

As a gym owner, you understand the importance of keeping your members satisfied and happy with the services you provide.

Thanks to several customer behavior and marketing research studies in the fitness industry, it is now very well known that satisfied clients are more likely to stay committed to their fitness journey, which means they will stay longer in your gym and even recommend it to their friends and family members.

That’s why it’s crucial for you, as a gym owner, to consider all possible ways to enhance your members’ experience.

In this article we will give you the key to open new opportunities for positive transformation and growth in your gym business with a simple and yet highly powerful service that could be the missing piece you’ve been looking for to expand, grow and elevate your fitness business without losing neither time nor energy: A cloud based 24 hour access control system.

The key to a thriving gym business often lies in finding innovative solutions to common challenges, and the integration of a 24-hour door access … might definitely be one of those game changing solutions for your fitness business. If you are still not sure what this means, the 24-hour gym access control system is a service offering where you allow members to access your facility at any time of the day, with or without staff present.

Now you’re probably wondering – why and how will the 24-hour door access help me grow my business?  And I am gonna give you the answer to that question by breaking down all the reasons why this service will boost and enhance your business and members experience in every possible way.

Some members of EnerGym North enjoy their workout in hours when the gym is not overcrowded.
EnerGym North JAX Members Enjoy Workouts During Off-Hours. Benefiting From a Less Crowded Environment

1. Enhance Member Experiences: Alleviate Gym Crowding with 24-Hour Access

I’m sure you’ve experienced the frustration of driving in rush hour when everything seems to move at a turtle pace. The stress is undeniable. Now, picture your members feeling the same way when your gym becomes so crowded that they can’t access the equipment they want or have to wait too long to use it. It’s a scenario no one wants to deal with.

As a member, these things aren’t cool at all. In today’s fast-paced world, people are super busy and the last thing they want is to get frustrated at the only place where they want to distress and enjoy.

Reducing overcrowded hours will surely enhance member satisfaction, which will as consequence play a huge role in increasing member retention. A happy and satisfied member is a member who stays loyal and committed. It’s like gym relationship goals.

And this doesn’t end here… reducing overcrowded hours actually IS a powerful marketing tool. It becomes a unique selling point, because this will set your gym apart from the competition and will give you the chance to open the door to a broader client base. Think how you will attract new fitness enthusiasts looking for a more comfortable and flexible workout environment – it’s a win-win for you and for your members.

This will also foster a sense of community which will lead your gym business to growth and expansion inevitably.

EnerGym staff reviewing the analytics and insights in BUZOPS Gym management software business dashboard.
EnerGym staff reviewing the analytics and insights in BUZOPS Gym management software business dashboard.

2. Maximizing Efficiency: How 24-Hour Access Transforms Gym Operations and Costs

Who wouldn’t like to save money and grow their business at the same time? Everyone who loves to optimize their time, energy and money would definitely choose the services that give them this opportunity with eyes closed. 

As you may know… extended operating hours often result in increased overtime costs for front desk staff, what the 24-hour access control system offers you is an automated check-in process which means that just by using their keyfob, fingerprint, cards or mobile apps your clients will be able to access the gym without the need for front desk staff involvement. 

With automated access control, you’ll have the flexibility to optimize staff scheduling based on ACTUAL demand. Instead of maintaining a constant front desk presence, you can align staff hours with peak periods, ensuring adequate coverage when needed without overstaffing during quieter times.

In other words this means that you will minimize the need for overpaying staff for extra hours and you’ll contribute at the same time to have broader availability in your gym… yet shorter expenses.

You and your staff can focus their energy towards member engagement and create an amazing environment for your community within your business. 

Michael Benso, BUZOPS co-Founder assisting in the installation of the new 24h access hardware at EnerGym North JAX and making sure all members walking in have immediate access to the gym and their attendance is accurately reflected in their members account in BUZOPS.
Michael Benso, Co-Founder of BUZOPS, oversees the installation of EnerGym North JAX's New 24-Hour access hardware and ensuring seamless entry for members and precise attendance tracking in BUZOPS.

3. Boost Your Business and Client Security with a Comprehensive Access Control System

If you’ve been wanting to enhance security measures in your gym or fitness business then this service could be your best friend because we offer you a broad range of options for this specific feature.

Within all the incredible things that the 24-hour access control offers, it can also monitor who and when enters your gym with security cameras that can be integrated in the system. This way you can keep records on everything that goes around and inside your business. 

For instance, you can monitor activities at your gym even when you’re far away (for some reason), ensuring you stay informed about what’s happening in your gym even without your presence. This feature could be very useful for MANY different potential scenarios.

Another way you can enhance security measures is by filtering access to who’s able to enter your gym and who’s not. This service can ONLY give access to authorized members.

Of course you can customize your 24 hour, 7 days gym access control system based on your preferences, for example, your staff and members could use an exclusive gym card scanner, a keyfob, their fingerprints or even their own cell phone or by just scanning a bar code. 

This contributes to overall member and staff safety by helping create a protected space within your gym.

EnerGym North Jax entrance - maximizing accountability with the implementation of the 24-hour gym access control system.

4. Achieving Precision in Attendance Tracking: The Advantages of Integrated Cloud Based Access Control

You’ll have the chance to keep accountability on track. The cool thing about the 24-hour control access system in Buzops is that it is a native integration to the software, which means that it is different from other 24h access systems that are not integrated with membership. 

What this exactly means is that if by any case some of your members haven’t paid your membership for X amount of time, the system will lock them out automatically and they won’t be able to enter your gym until they make the payment. This not only reduces the risk of errors but also enhances financial stability by reducing instances of unpaid memberships.

This feature is very cool because it allows you to monitor not only members’ attendance but staff’s as well, which foster a responsible and member-oriented work environment.

Additionally, if you require a comprehensive report on accountability tracking, the door access feature will provide you with all the necessary information in a detailed report. It’s like having a personal assistant that keeps track of all the accountability for you. 

This will reduce the error range, whether tracking employee attendance or member check-ins, which ensures accurate and reliable data, minimizing discrepancies and potential issues.

What happened after Brad Kite switched his two GYMS to BUZOPS Integration with 24 7 gym access control system

With 24h access your GYM will be a convenient stop for travelers and celebrities athletes looking to get a sweat or train for their events in your city. In this Photo Michael Benso with Otis (WWE wrestler) Brad Kite Owner of EnerGYM North-JAX, Chad Gable (WWE wrestler) and Jay Norton manager partner.
With 24h access your GYM will be a convenient stop for travelers and athletes looking to get a sweat or train for their events in your city. In this Photo Michael Benso with Otis (WWE wrestler) Brad Kite Owner of EnerGYM North-JAX, Chad Gable (WWE wrestler) and Jay Norton manager partner.

“Switching from our past tech company to BUZOPS has been an awesome process, we have got to resolve a lot of our issues that we were facing in the club” – Brad Kite, Founder and CEO of EnerGYM

For Brad, the biggest issue he was facing was accountability… which is actually crucial to ensure the success and sustainability of any business while prioritizing the safety and satisfaction of their members. 

Despite attempts to address these issues with the prior gym management software, constraints such as time and staffing hindered any resolution.

Another headache for Brad was getting calls early in the morning to open the door whenever he was not working. He would have to physically move from one place to another just to open the gym door. 

The issues he was facing ignited in him the desire to take measures to resolve them, and here is where Brad decided to try BUZOPS.

“Upon switching. We haven’t had any issues to date. And anytime that I do have any questions, Michael and the BUZOPS team are very eager to help.”

The other thing that really helped Brad and his fitness club by making the switch was the opportunity to reduce costs.

“We are able to save about 300 bucks per month just on the platform, not counting their in-house partners who also have cheaper credit card processing fees and the other things that come with that.”

Brad is now enhancing his financial stability, gained access to accurate data and has much more peace of mind. His members are also enjoying the ability to sign up online and gain immediate access to the gym via their phones. 

“They really have been there in every part of the process from onboarding to the export of the data. We would recommend them to any clubs, the small ones, the large ones, they all really could benefit from switching.”

EnerGYM is thriving, benefiting from the tools and personalized training provided by Michael Benso, Co-Founder of BUZOPS, tailored to their specific business model and needs.

Since using BUZOPS 24-hour access control system, and membership management, 20% of the total member sign-ups are from online self served membership enrollments.  

Which leads us to the last, but not least, reason why this system will transform your business in every possible way.

EnerGym North Jax lobby - using BUZOPS for personalized gym solutions.

5. Don't get stuck with a single 24-hour gym access control system provider. With BUZOPS, you have the flexibility to choose

Now the BEST part of implementing this system in your gym is that it is totally customizable for your own needs, desires and business model… and the switch will actually be very simple for you! We’ll do all the hard work and you won’t need to worry about anything else.

We work directly with 3 access system providers and you’ll have the freedom to choose which one of these 3 provides fits your gym better depending on your needs and desires. They will only come to install the hardware in your gym and our software will do the rest of the work. 

The providers that we work with are very professional and high-tech oriented, offering you a broad range of services from mobile access integration to biometric recognition. 

Our trusted partners in this endeavor include Avigilon formely OpenPath, Brivo, and Passport Technologies. Each of them have unique features, strengths, and approaches to providing security solutions. We invite you to check their websites, linked here, to see which one of them fits your gym better.

In conclusion, implementing a 24-hour gym access control system offers a range of benefits for both gym owners and members, especially with advanced features from trusted providers… This will significantly contribute to your gym’s operational efficiency, cost savings, and an improved experience for gym members. 

It’s important to mention that the switch to 24-hour access varies significantly from one gym to another. With all the providers and setup options available, the transition may seem daunting. 

But this is precisely why BUZOPS prefers to personally discuss your needs. They take the move to 24-hour access very seriously, understanding firsthand the challenges involved— from negotiating with vendors to selecting the right hardware. 

Michael and BUZOPS have navigated this process not just once, but three times for his own gyms, and now assists 80% of BUZOPS clients, just like Brad, through the same journey. 

If you have any questions or wish to explore how this could benefit your business, consider scheduling a brief 15-minute call with Michael.