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Pulse Fitness
Pulse Fitness

You Don’t Need An MBA To Successfully Manage Your Gym

Imagine having access to all your clients’ accounts and being able to manage all aspects of your business with no limitations from anywhere in the world and from any device being able to…

Subscription Management and Recurring Billing better known as a Customer Retention Management system
  • Manage Your Membership

    Easily see who is inactive or late on their payments, and send automated emails and messages to help them re-engage.

  • Offer Hassle-Free Scheduling

    Let your members pick a time and class that works for them with a link that connects to your calendar and payment processor of choice.

  • Never Miss A Payment

    Bill on time, every time, with automated payment processing and alerts through our partner integrations.

  • Reduce ‘No-Shows’

    No-Shows and missed appointments are costing you money! Use automated notifications and reminders to help your clients.

  • Make Smarter Decisions. Faster.

    Know what’s working (and what isn’t) at a glance, with easy-to-understand reporting and analytics.

“I was previously concerned about having to manage multiple systems, turning membership access accounts on and off manually when payments did or did not go through. Now I just let the system do the work. It is like hiring another employee to focus only on your customer accounts.”

Patrick Pachciarz
Verified Client
Partner, Eco Gym

Enable The Business To Handle More Clients With Zero Headaches & Hassles

Automate your billing process, freeze or pause payments, adjust payment schedules, and increase or decrease the automated-billing amount at the click of a button.

'A-A' (Audited Automation) for Billing

Audited Automation is the Key

Automation is key to running and streamlining your gym business.

Buzops provides an Audited Billing Automation so validated information is available at the click of a button.

Giving you the reports and analytics you need to make the best decisions for your business.
Buzops Auto-Emails andText Notifications Integrate, automate, and communicate

Outside-the-Box Automation Flexibility

Being Flexible is a Must

Has a client called, emailed, or texted you that they need more time to pay or to schedule their billing period for a future date? With Buzops, we help you get flexible for your clients.

We offer flexibility while billing automation is turned on. Do what you need to do for each client and personalize their experience with Automation Flexibility.


If a payment doesn’t successfully bill for a client, Buzops Software will continue to make billing attempts (aka Dunning) until the payment due is paid.

The customer account is automatically placed in suspended status after three months of dunning attempts.

Calendar + Schedule Management

Reduce “No-Shows”

To hit your revenue markers, you need a certain number of clients to arrive or show at their scheduled appointment.

With Buzops Software, we help minimize no-shows and missed appointments with customized auto-reminder texts and emails.

Buzops is like having a personal assistant paying attention to your schedule and your team's schedule, making it easy for you to focus on what is most important in your business.

Buzops Auto-Emails andText Notifications Integrate, automate, and communicate

“Scheduling and billing are super easy - You pick the client, trainer, and time window and Buzops handles the rest.”

Jay Barajas, Verified Client
Personal Fitness Coach
Asana Wellness Center

Experience Our World-Class & Award-Winning Support

Our promise is to provide the best possible support to our clients. Simply send us your data and we’ll make your migration effortless.

Subscription Management and Recurring Billing better known as a Customer Retention Management system
  • Simplified And Easy Migrations

    With Buzops, we handle the migration so you don’t have to worry about missed payments, the correct subscriptions billing, or anything in between or beyond.

  • Dedicated Migration Team

    We simply coordinate a transition date and time and we help with all of your client migration. Think of us as your white-gloved moving service, helping you move from one home to another.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our support team is 24/7 available. Reach out to us through Email or Phone to assist you even further.

  • Agreements Get Authorized

    Sign agreements that can be stored on your Buzops access portal, accessible to you and your clients.

    Clients can e-sign from their phone or tablet using a text or email link, or they can e-sign in person at your store.

    With Buzops you won’t need paper agreements, and you won’t need to find an alternative e-signature solution for your business.

Subscription Management and Recurring Billing better known as a Customer Retention Management system

“Working with Michael and Buzops has been educational, informative, and very easy. While trying to set up payment for my first client, Michael made himself available to make sure this process went smoothly for me and my client. He didn’t stop there, he also assisted with my membership agreement questions, I know for them I am not just a number.”

Sean Maynard, Verified Client
Owner, Global Fitness Coaching