woman making a virtual reality workout in a virtual reality gym

Step into the future with VR Technology for your Fitness studio:

Inside the Virtual Reality Gym Experience at Black Box VR – by Ryan DeLuca

woman making a virtual reality workout in a virtual reality gym

What if I told you that exercising can be genuinely enjoyable and fun? The world is evolving and with all the technological advancements coming out in the market, virtual reality is one of those things that are undeniably redefining the fitness industry.

According to numerous studies conducted in recent years, the growth of Virtual Reality (VR) has been significant. As reported by the Academy of Animated Art, more than 10.8 million VR devices were sold in 2022, and it is anticipated that consumer spending on AR/VR will reach $72 billion by 2024.

As you may see VR has grown potentially! And will continue to do so. 

But the interesting question here is: How is VR transforming the fitness industry exactly?

In this blog I’ll be sharing with you an amazing and unique story about
Black Box VR, a franchised Gym and training center that mixes VR gaming fitness workouts to transform your fitness journey in the most enjoyable and entertaining way possible. 

This incredible idea came from two incredible minds Ryan DeLuca & Preston Lewis who right after their initial experience with virtual reality, recognized the incredible potential of the technology. 

They believed that when VR is coupled with resistance training, gaming principles, and high-intensity cardio, it would form a win-win combination for individuals striving to achieve their health and fitness objectives; And this is what inspired this two minds to start developing the Black Box VR idea with the mission to create innovative gamifying products and experiences that bring enduring transformations in people’s lives.

Now, let’s explore in depth the future of fitness and demystify how this way of working out could revolutionize your own personal fitness journey in every manner.

VR workouts offer a unique blend of excitement and motivation, keeping members engaged and inspired throughout their fitness journey.

VR workouts are super fun and interesting

The reason why this way of working out is highly powerful comes from the fact that most of the people don’t actually stick to their fitness programs. We all have been there!

At times we are filled with inspiration and motivation to transform our body, have a healthier life and start going to the gym, which leads us to buy all this gym stuff like sneakers and a brand new outfit for working out.

However after a few months we just start feeling unmotivated, bored and we just drop the towel and stop going to the gym. And this goes on and on.

I mean, our brain is wired to do so! Is in our DNA to not want to exercise. 

We have an inherent need to conserve energy and avoid starvation because in our past eating food consistently was challenging, and wasting calories was not advantageous at all. Activities like running or exercising were undertaken for specific purposes such as hunting, gathering or mating to ensure the survival of the species. So that’s why the tendency to conserve energy is ingrained in ourselves. 

Convincing someone to exercise without a clear purpose triggers something in the brain signaling potential harm. Your brain is literally saying: you’re going to kill yourself! So stop doing it. This makes it so challenging to establish a habit around exercising. Doing the same old workouts can get pretty boring, and that’s the main motivation killer. 

In contrast, video games operate in a different manner because they shake things up with a bunch of cool virtual options to keep things interesting.

They kind of hack a part of the brain that makes you think that you’re doing something important, and since we are social human beings we will unconsciously give more importance to things that make us get some kind of status in a group. That’s why gaming can cause some kind of dependency.

Actually, many studies have been made that show that around 70% of people (at least in the USA) are gamers… that’s a big number!

So what Black Box gym has done here is combine the psychological part of the brain that triggers the desire to continue playing to earn some rewards and get some status, with fitness and exercise… which is BRILLIANT!

They have developed a video game that’s inside a virtual reality where the way to win is by doing exercises like chest presses with a whole bunch of reps till the point that you totally forget that you’re working out. You just need to put on your VR headsets and start your own fitness adventure.

In short, what makes gamifying fitness to work is the way your brain will start associating fun and satisfaction with training and movement of your body. This will lead you to not only have more fun at exercising but to actually stick to your training program and achieve the results you’ve always wanted.

Members are stepping into a world of endless potential, fueled by innovation and technology with VR technology in fitness.

The VR Game Adapts to You in the virtual reality gym

Imagine a virtual fitness game that adapts to your body, strength and fitness objectives! Black Box VR Platform uses user data to generate personalized workouts tailored to individual goals, fitness levels, and preferences. 

The system analyzes your body in 3D so it can have a clear idea about the exact rotation of your hands, your posture, your speed and things like that. All the virtual reality gym equipment measures and tracks every step of your workout so it can determine when you’re ready to level up. The system will then increase the resistance for a more challenging workout… giving you the opportunity to actually improve your workout and achieve your desired results. 

So if you’re going kind of slowly, the game will adapt to you and your body resistance, and then when it thinks you’re ready to level up it’s gonna make it harder and harder for you.

This customized approach not only keeps users motivated but also introduces challenges that align perfectly with their abilities. The system diligently monitors progress, providing valuable feedback that empowers users to stay on course and celebrate each achievement.

You also have the opportunity to share your achievements with colleagues and fitness partners that are also playing games and working out in Back Box VR, isn’t that amazing?

And if you have never played games before, don’t worry because Black Box VR gives you tutorials for first level members and they will teach you slowly how to play the game and eventually thrive on it. 

With VR technology you can train solo or join virtual fitness classes with friends… the possibilities are endless, and the results are undeniable.

Connect with your friends and fitness community within the VR workout game

All the fun doesn’t end here. Black Box VR will actually connect you with other people that are working out with VR just like you. You’ll be able to make teams with other people and start competing together to win a certain challenge between you both, or cooperate together to defeat other teams, which adds lots of excitement and creates a friendly rivalry that can spark great connections.

Many people think that gaming is an antisocial thing to do but it’s actually one of the most social activities you can do. You connect with a lot of different people from around the world engaging in shared experiences and playing together, all bound by the mutual passion for the same activity.

Working towards fitness goals collectively promotes collaboration and encourages individuals to support and motivate each other; That’s something that we as humans love!

To break the geographical boundaries, join virtual fitness communities and expand yourself beyond your culture will increase your sense of community and human connection. 

And Black Box VR gives you that chance. 

Happy woman feeling stronger and happier after working out with her VR headsets and VR equipment.

A New and fun way to transform your body and start a healthy life

VR experiences are surely revolutionizing the fitness sector by introducing entertainment and interactivity into exercise regimens through the incorporation of gamification. This transformative shift is motivating individuals towards healthier lifestyles like never before.

Incorporating a gym with virtual reality workouts has become crucial for effective workout routines and that’s exactly why the popularity of VR technology in fitness is rising like foam. 

The Black Box VR team has actually made some studies that show that people who trained in their VR gyms 30 minutes a day 4 times a week had better results upon every physical metric (lean body mass gains, fat loss, flexibility gains, heart rate, etc) than those who did the traditional exercise 60 minutes a day 5 times a week… isn’t it interesting? 

These results come from the fact that when you do VR workouts, you enter in a flow state; You totally forget that you are training so you give your very best because of course you want to win and gain some rewards in the game. This contributes to training with full focus and attention, which gives you better results.

When you’re having fun, everything seems to fall into place. So why not give this new workout a try? It’s a win-win situation with nothing to lose.

The constant evolution of VR fitness gamification is a fascinating journey that is transforming the fitness landscape in every way! With passionate leaders like Ryan de Luca, Preston Lewis and of course their incredible gym behind this project the future of fitness is promising… and more fun!

Now, if you are a gym owner you’re probably asking yourself “how can I leverage this technological advantage to innovate and amplify my small (or medium) gym business?” and the answer to that question is very simple: just reach out.

Local boutique gyms like yours can utilize this technology too! If you’re interested in this technology, let me tell you that the opportunity to have a couple or more VR training rooms in your gym is totally feasible. 

This way, your gym could become one of the outstanding fitness destinations where everyone would love to train PLUS it can help you unlock new revenue streams. 

Tell us in the comments if you would like to try this technology in your gym or if you would simply like to practice this new way of working out? And if you’ve already tried this way of exercising, share with us your own experience!

This blog was inspired by the content shared in Episode 21 of the Sweat Success Podcast by our guest Ryan DeLuca and our host and BUZOPS Co-Founder Michael Benso. You can now watch the full interview in our YouTube Channel

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