Access control system installation in EnerGym with the help of Michael Benso
Access control system installation in EnerGym with the help of Michael Benso

24/7 Gym Access Control: Everything you need to consider.

If you want to provide gym access 24/7 while maintaining control and efficiency, you're in the right place!

Before we talk about setting up an access control system for your gym, it’s important to know a few key things. This system has many benefits, but you need to understand how it works and how it can help your gym grow. You also need to figure out which 24/7 access system is best for your gym’s needs, so let’s dive into it.

I will answer common questions and discuss typical situations and solutions that you may not have considered. You will need to think about these if you plan to use this system.

We work with three top access control system providers in the industry for our 24hr gym access control systems. Before discussing the details, I want to mention this partnership. BUZOPS is proud to collaborate with these providers. These partners are at the forefront of technology and innovation in the security sector. They are committed to providing a wide range of sophisticated services that range from cutting-edge mobile access integration to advanced biometric recognition systems.

From our experience working with those incredible providers, we have gathered tons of crucial information to be shared as we have noticed that no other gym management software providers are diving this deep into this highly important and interesting system that might be the game changer solution to many fitness studios like yours.

Each of our access control providers brings a unique blend of features, strengths, and strategic approaches to the table, and they are all committed to providing comprehensive and effective security solutions. Their offerings are meticulously designed to ensure the safety and security of your gym, providing you with the peace of mind you need to focus on your business and do what you love most. 

If you’re curious about who these providers are and how their different systems and services can meet your needs and desires, I will discuss it later in the blog… 

For now, let me first give you a deeper perspective on how access control systems typically integrate with most software companies and how we differ from them. This way, you’ll understand exactly what to expect from A to Z when implementing this system in your fitness club.

Most common challenges when integrating a gym management software with an access control system provider.

Lack of real integration

One of the most common challenges many gym owners face is when a gym management software provider claims to be an “All-in-one solution” just to find out later to be a total deception. Initially, this sounds fantastic, and you could easily be sold on this concept! However, what they actually do when it comes to access control is this:

The representatives from the software company make a personal visit to your gym to install the software. They then proceed to explain that in order to have a 24/7 access control door, it would require proprietary hardware that is specifically designed to integrate with their software. 

They give you an assurance, a promise even, stating that the process of integration and installation will be a seamless one.. and it USUALLY is a seamless process with minimal disruption.

The only concern or challenge that might arise in the future is the inability to break away from the software product you have subscribed to… even when you discover that it no longer meets your requirements or expectations. This issue stems from the fact that the company has installed their proprietary hardware on your premises, for which you have already paid a significant investment. 

So let’s suppose your needs evolve over time, or you find a better alternative in the market and you want to change… well, the attempt to transition might have a huge blockage because, unfortunately, you’re locked into a system with both software and hardware commitments. The transition to a new provider might seem nearly impossible unless you are prepared to spend a significant amount of additional cash.

You might have to hire a “local locksmith” in the tech world to uninstall the existing system and set up a new one. The cost associated with this could be big, considering the technicalities involved in such an operation. Therefore, what initially seemed like a beneficial agreement could potentially turn into a costly and uncomfortable affair.

Now, let’s discuss the option of having a local locksmith to come, install and set up a separate access control system for your gym so you will be able to keep your current software platform. In this case, the locksmith can install a network-based access control system from various providers like HID, OpenPath, or Brivo, they’ll come to your gym and do the installation right in front of you.

But the thing about this is… there’s no true integration with that software because you’ll be using a separate access control system, and a separate software system to run your gym. Which will require manual effort from your staff to sync the data between the two systems.

For example, if a member cancels their membership or misses a payment, the gym staff will have to cancel/deactivate their access in both the membership software and the access control system separately! Which can lead to inefficiency, unproductivity, disorganization and potential human error. 

Also, this manual process will slow down the productivity of the other areas in your business, such as marketing or sales. 

A comprehensive and integrated solution, like the one we offer at BUZOPS, seamlessly synchronizes membership data across both platforms. Any changes, such as payment defaults or cancellations made in the gym software, are automatically reflected in the access control system, revoking the member’s entry privileges without the need for manual intervention. This streamlined approach eliminates redundant tasks, reduces the margin of error, and ensures a seamless and efficient operational flow.

And then if you want to include extra controls, like time controls, or holiday controls, meaning that you’re closed during certain times, so nobody’s key can access, then those are things that you could implement as well with this integration.

Now, you’re probably thinking: “What’s the difference between BUZOPS and other software providers that are ALSO integrated with access control system providers?” 

And the answer to that question is simple : You are free to choose a different gym management software that can directly integrate with your existing door access control system if you’re not satisfied with BUZOPS… you are not tied down. 

If you want to change your software, you’ll still have access to your access control system! because you already got your system. And it will still be working, it can be completely independent, or it can be integrated as well. You’re the one who chooses.

Multiple individuals sharing a single access credential

Imagine you’ve installed a 24/7 access control system in your fitness center, but you haven’t yet incorporated security cameras into your setup. Of course, there’ll be periods during the day, like very early in the morning or very late at night, when there’s no one at the front desk to watch over your gym.

This might unfortunately present an opportunity for some gym members to bring along their friends or family members, granting them access using their personal keyfobs! And if you’re thinking: are there people who actually do that? The answer is: You’ll be surprised to know the amount of people who do that.

This behavior (although seemingly harmless) could result in significant lost revenue for your business over time… because you’ll lose potential clients that could be paying you for your gym’s membership but instead, choose to use another member’s keyfob. How suitable isn’t it?

In this situation, the ideal solution would be to collaborate with a proficient provider, who includes an automated alarm that triggers when it detects two or more individuals attempting to enter through the front door simultaneously. Alternatively, the provider could also install intelligent security cameras equipped with advanced features, such as the ability to recognize when two or more people are trying to gain access to the gym using the same keyfob.

This way, not only can you maintain the safety and integrity of your gym, but also ensure that each person who uses your facility is a paying member, thereby optimizing your revenue potential.

Gym Management Software Pricing

Now, let’s discuss the top providers that we’re partnered with, who offer a high quality solution for avoiding undesirable scenarios (like the ones previously discussed) and getting a top-notch overall service.

As mentioned before, in our journey to provide the best security solutions, we have built strong relationships with our esteemed partners – Avigilon (formerly known as OpenPath), Brivo, and Passport Technologies. These esteemed organizations offer a wealth of unique features, strengths, and innovative approaches to security solutions.

So let’s dive into the multitude of excellent tools they provide, reflecting upon our hands-on experience with these industry leaders!

While all of these companies are trustworthy providers of robust security solutions, each one possesses a unique set of tools and expertise that sets them apart from their competitors. 

To make an informed decision, it’s crucial to understand these differences and align them with your specific security needs. So, continue reading as we unpack the distinctive offerings of each provider and guide you towards making the right decision that best serves your security requirements.

Our trusted access control system providers

BRIVO – Access control system provider

If the idea of seamlessly integrating keyfobs with a cutting-edge system (which can effectively eliminate the inconvenience associated with double-entry processes) resonates with you, then you might find your ideal solution in BRIVO. This reputable company has created a distinct niche for itself in the access control key fob credentials sector, owing to its exceptional service.

BRIVO is not just another name in the industry. It is a brand with consistency and quality, known for delivering tailor-made solutions that meet the diverse needs of its clients. Whether you are a small gym looking to enhance security or a large corporation of gyms aiming to streamline access, BRIVO has the perfect solution to fit your unique needs.

What sets this company apart is not just the quality of its offerings, but also the impressive variety. With BRIVO, clients are spoilt for choice! with a huge variety of options from keyfobs to mobile access credentials, you’ll have the freedom to decide which one fits your preferences. This variety ensures that every client finds a solution that perfectly aligns with their needs.

BRIVO it’s all about giving you complete control, unmatched convenience, and absolute peace of mind. This is achieved through their innovative keyfob solutions, which are designed to provide you with secure and simple access to your facilities. BRIVO’s key fob solutions are not just about opening doors, they are about opening up possibilities for enhanced security and convenience – and this is what BRIVO does remarkably well.

AVIGILON – Access control system provider

Avigilon has done a remarkable job in the aspect of mobile access credentials. 

With Avigilon, your members will have the convenience of signing up for a membership online, using our cutting-edge software. The moment a customer completes their sign up, a notification is promptly sent to their mobile device, enabling them to set up access control through the dedicated mobile application! Isn’t that super cool and convenient for both you and the client?

This approach signifies an investment in a comprehensive access control system that is not only fully automated but it also seamlessly integrates with BUZOPS software! The result? A flexible, smart and friendly system that will help you get a solid return on investment 🙂

By incorporating specific codes into your website for membership purchases, you’re giving customers the freedom to gain access to your facility anytime, even while you’re off the clock. This has been a game-changer, as we’ve witnessed a substantial 20% to 30% increase in new member signups, simply because access control or purchase options are made available online.

In addition to the mobile access credentials, Avigilon also offers key fobs. The cost for these key fobs is variable and largely depends on your supplier. If you choose to use a local installer, the price you’ll pay will be whatever they charge. However, they typically charge wholesale rates, which average around $3 per key fob. 

For those who prefer mobile credentials, there’s a nominal cost of 15 cents per month for each active customer using the mobile credential. Considering the convenience and security it offers, it’s a fantastic deal!

PASSPORT TECHNOLOGIES – Access control system provider

The advantage of passport technologies is that there is absolutely no necessity to employ any external help or professional services to install the access control system. 

The product has been ingeniously designed with user-friendly features that make it a suitable and convenient option for a do-it-yourself approach. It is noteworthy that the company provides comprehensive, step-by-step instructions that serve as a reliable guide for you throughout the entire set-up process.

By simply plugging it in, you can easily connect it to your door and to BUZOPS software – which is a proof of the system’s effortless usability. Once that is done, you’re ready to go, allowing a new era of accessibility and convenience right at your doorstep.

The whole process, from start to finish, is straightforward and meticulously designed to be hassle-free, ensuring that you can have the system up and running in no time. This eliminates the potential for any complications or challenges, ensuring a smooth and seamless installation experience. 

With pasport technologies, you get to enjoy the benefits of an efficient and reliable access control system without having to worry about any unnecessary complexities or difficulties.

Entry access with digital prints to EnerGym

Important things to consider before implementing a 24 hour access control system in your gym regarding security

There is something important to mention for you to take in mind before implementing this system in your gym regarding security measures!

With Brivo and Avigilon (since they’re the ones who come to your gym to handle the installation) part of their job is to ensure that you’re up to code before implementing the system… what exactly does this mean?

Well, consider a scenario where your local fire department conducts an analysis of your municipal area for fire code compliance, especially building egress… their primary concern is to ensure people can exit the building easily in case of a fire. 

In that case, members must have access to an exit door to be able to push the bar and open it to finally exit the place in case of an emergency. 

With access control systems like magnetic locks or electronic locks (which keep doors engaged) caution is 100% necessary. If a fire occurs and the doors remain locked without a push bar, it poses a significant fire hazard. Therefore, you should have everything in place to avoid circumstances where people are locked inside the building during emergencies.

When installing access control systems or similar setups, installers bear the responsibility of ensuring your facility adheres to the relevant fire codes and regulations. 

This commitment to compliance can sometimes lead to additional expenses, as bringing a building up to code may necessitate additional things such as retrofitting or some modifications to the building.

However, this added cost is a worthwhile investment, as reputable installers stake their professional reputation on their work. They meticulously ensure that every aspect of the installation process meets the area’s specific code requirements, safeguarding you from potential liabilities. 

This way, in the unlikely event of an oversight or error during the installation process, the full responsibility will rest firmly upon the shoulders of the professional installers. 

This commitment to accountability, obviously ensures that you, as the client, are shielded from any potential legal ramifications or financial liabilities that may arise.

By prioritizing code compliance and assuming full accountability for their workmanship, these professionals offer you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your facility not only meets but exceeds the necessary safety standards, mitigating risks and protecting your investment for years to come.

Now, if you have questions about pricing, it typically costs around $3,000 USD if your building is ALREADY up to code. If it’s not, it could be up to $7,000 USD due to labor.

But either case, it’s gonna be worth it because with this system integrated with BUZOPS software, you’ll have a good night’s sleep and rest easy knowing that everything is running safely even if you’re not there in person because it will be monitoring who and when enters your gym with security cameras that can be integrated in the system. This way you can keep records on everything that goes around and inside your business.

For instance, you’ll be able to monitor activities at your gym even when you’re far away! ensuring you stay informed about what’s happening in your gym even without your presence. 

Also, you can customize your 24 hour gym access control system based on your preferences… for example your staff and members could use an exclusive gym card scanner, a keyfob, their fingerprints or even their own cell phone by just scanning a code to access the installation.

Now the BEST part of implementing this system in your gym is that it is totally customizable for your own needs, desires and business model… and the switch will actually be very simple for you!

The providers will come and install the hardware, and our software will do the rest.

It’s important to mention that the switch to 24-hour access varies significantly from one gym to another. With all the providers and setup options available, the transition may seem daunting. 

But this is precisely why BUZOPS prefers to personally discuss your needs. They take the move to 24-hour access very seriously, understanding firsthand the challenges involved— from negotiating with vendors to selecting the right hardware EXCLUSIVELY for you.

So, if you have any questions or wish to explore how this innovative solution could benefit your business, consider scheduling a brief 15-minute call with our team. 

This personalized consultation will provide you with valuable insights, tailored strategies, and the confidence to embark on your path to 24-hour access, unlocking a world of operational excellence and amazing efficiency.