Subscription, Scheduling Management and Recurring Billing Software

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The leading cloud based solution for businesses looking to automate subscription management and recurring billing. This billing and revenue management platform is ideal for membership businesses and SaaS billing.


Tune-in with us and see the Magic Unfold!

ChargeHub is a great fit for any business that runs on a recurring class/appointment or membership-based model. It automates billing and payments to save you hours of administrative drudgery.

Set up your services - your way

Add pricing plans, top them up with add-ons, and offer coupon discounts. Collect subscription payments anytime and anywhere with our multiple payment gateways.

Auto Alerts

Generate automated emails and alerts on subscriptions, recurring payments & invoices, customer retention and self-service, ensuring customers do not miss out on anything.

Empower Your Staff

Educate and empower your staff on process know-how, enabling them to manage the show

Self Serve portal

Help customers access and manage their subscription from start to finish


Automatic Account Updating

No more chasing customers for card updating before expiry; no more sending reminders; no more losing revenue due to failed payments. Chargeubut’s Subscriptions’ smart dunning management system with its automated re-tries and payment reminders puts an end to such bother.

Easily Auto-update Credit Cards While You Sleep

Rest easy! We are here to do the heavy lifting of updating payments and reducing delinquency rates, so you don’t need to chase payments. Sit back, relax, and focus on your business.


Reduce Declined Payments

Our Revenue Optimization Engine with its robust decline management ability helps increase your monthly revenue.

Collect Payments

We integrate with popular payment gateways for secured recurring payments – offline and online, resulting in the best customer payment experience.

Payment Reminders

Our pre-built reminder emails help secure your payments by minimizing overdue or missed payments


Track Visitors on premises

Our intelligent business automations manage your systems and reduce inadvertent accesses.

Automate Security Tasks

Our automated access controls enable your stakeholders gain access to your facilities at different schedules, from different gadgets at their convenience.


Automate Contractual Obligations

ChargeHub is a SaaS company and manages accurate contracts, billing and revenues

Create Agreement Templates

Our templates ensure ease of sales operations, manage your subscription information and match your brand.

Negotiate Agreement Terms

Include minimum period thresholds and termination fee for early cancellations.

Drive Commitment and Improve Customer Adoption

The Mutual Action Plans help you build customer trust.


Communicate with your customers throughout the relationship

Automated email communication builds a healthy rapport with customers and boosts company branding.

Customizable Emails

Proactively prevent failed transactions, past due customers, cancellations before they happen with customizable emails to clients and staff. ChargeHub can automatically send email notifications on your behalf to your customers for a number of events such as credit card expiration or a payment failure. You can either edit, make changes to the default email notifications sent to your customers or create your own email notifications.

Send emails from your address

WCustomer communication is handled from your address and replies routed back – this builds trust.


Actionable Insights to optimize your operations

Drive your growth by tracking your subscriptions, plans, add-ons, revenue generation in sync.
Dive into the deepest granularity of your subscription metrics and take calculated risks.

Complete Growth Metrics

We manage your complete growth metrics, bringing all verticals viz. customer, service and revenue information together, thereby strategically maximizing your growth.

Standard Reports

Our all-encompassing analytic reports anticipate revenue leaks, and make you prepared to take wise decisions.

Ease of export of dashboards as CSV or Excel files helps acquire required data with ease.

Additional Features


Secured data encryption, privacy, and compliance

Our secure system architecture prevents unauthorized access and ensures confidentiality of customer information.


High Availability

ChargeHub has exceeded 99.9% uptime, ensuring uninterrupted access to solutions by our customers.


Anytime, Anywhere and Anyplace!

Our added features enable ease of use and customers can reach us with any gadget, from any place at any time.


Manage multiple locations or time zones

ChargeHub’s single sign-on software enables validates customer credentials aimed at ease of access from multiple locations.


Improve the quality of your Data

ChargeHub prevents its users from making duplicate entries and prevents lost business.


Maximize revenue generation from each client

Our Membership Dashboard vests information with stakeholders, thus assuring the best services to your clients.


Integration of our marketing agency tools

Save precious time of sales reps by taking care of data entry so they focus on converting random visitors to happy customers.


Integration with CRM

Empower your sales teams with powerful and adaptable work-process integrations.

Our Pricing Model

Pay As You Grow!

Our pay-as-you-grow pricing model ensures zero upfront costs and zero service period limits.

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Yay! Your first $20,000 of billing on us - and no monthly fee!
Pay just 0.60 cents per every $100.00 billed p.m. thereafter!

This includes:
  • Unlimited Customers
  • 24/7 Support by email and phone
  • No hidden fees
  • No Upfront cost
  • No Minimum service periods
  • No Cancellation Fees

A Few Cool Add-ons

Free Software Upgrades

Constant upgradation of software, hardware, and cloud applications, so your system is never obsolete

Hassle-free Migrations

Smooth migration of customers and subscriptions - either self-driven or by our migration team.

Round-the-clock IT Support

Our technical wing collaborates with you and develops the right solutions and the best technological integrations to suit your business needs.

24x7 Customer Support

It’s free and includes 24/7/365 access to our support engineers. No-cost customer support with 24/7/365 access to our support engineers.

40+ Hours of training

We train your staff on efficient client management and billing procedures to help increase productivity and enhance operational efficacy.

Technical guidance for integrations

Our experts help build your custom integrations in sync with your existing environs and tools.

Complete Consultation

Let's Talk Solutions!

Work with our experts! Our consulting services offering:

  • Helps minimize the use of resources
  • Reduces risks
  • Complies with high-level integration and migration needs

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