Calendar + Schedule Management

Quickly nail-down appointments by providing availability to your clients.

Easily book clients in person or online, all while making sure each client has credits for the services you offer, and allowing your team members
and providers to be properly compensated for that service.

Climb Mountains with Buzops Calendars and Billing

Multiple Clients and “The Schedule”

So you run a subscription based service business and need a calendar to manage your appointments. Do you have multiple clients and several service providers?

You may have used every calendar app on the market and none of them did what you needed them to do, at least to fulfill the needs of your business workflow.

With Buzops you get exactly what you need.

Get the Tool Set, not just a tool

There are a lot of great tools out there, but managing a calendar app, subscription software, and making sure billing occurs when it is needed can be a challenge.

With Buzops, you get all the tools; all while making sure your providers and team members are being compensated correctly.

Welcome to the development of our integrated and seamless solution for all subscription based service providers.

Climb Mountains with Buzops Calendars and Billing
No-Shows and Missed Appointments, meet the Auto Reminder Personal Assistant

No-Shows and Missed Appointments, meet the Auto Reminder Personal Assistant

Reduce “No-Shows”

If you are familiar with the service industry, then you know that not all booked appointments show up (="no show rate").

To hit your revenue markers, you need a certain number of clients to arrive or show at their scheduled appointment. With Buzops Software, we help make this happen while freeing up your time.

Your Virtual Personal Assistant

Minimize no-shows and missed appointments with customized auto-reminder texts and emails. Buzops Software is like having a personal assistant paying attention to your schedule and your team's schedule, making it easy for you to focus on what is most important in your business.

Double-Bookings and Tricky Shenanigans, meet your Audit Manager

Put money back in your pocket

You may potentially be losing money to “ghost-shift” work or “under-the-table” work? These issues are real, and it can be a huge challenge to manage all of the schedules on a separate application.

Your Audit Manager

With Buzops Software, your clients receive notification of the service they reportedly used and your providers won’t accidentally double-book appointments, keeping your team honest.

Think of it as an internal audit manager; making certain you don’t have some of these funny shenanigans going on when you aren’t around.

Double-Bookings and Tricky Shenanigans, meet your Audit Manager
Future Client of your Business,meet your Scheduling and Sales Assistant

Future Client of your Business, meet your Scheduling and Sales Assistant

Introducing Seamless Functionality

In order to pull all of this together, we integrated all of the above functions with our billing system, online client scheduling links, and agreement tools.

If you thought you already were receiving a lot of support, think again. We loaded our software product with so many benefits; bells will ring!

Scheduling and Sales Assistant

Meet your online Scheduling and Sales Assistant; allowing you the comfort to easily book appointments and make sure appointments slots are full, all while giving your team members and providers the ability to manage their own schedule without conflict.

Once it is booked, and if you are billing for that service, your new client can pay directly from their phone, tablet, or computer – we really do make it easy!

The Package

Never miss an appointment again, never have issues with scheduling slots, and make sure billing, freezing payments, pushing out payments, crediting client accounts, compensating your team members and everything in-between and beyond are a breeze!