Billing Automation + Dunning

Automate your billing process, freeze or pause payments, and increase or decrease the automated-billing amount at the click of a button.
If a payment doesn’t successfully bill for a client, Buzops Software will continue to make billing attempts (aka Dunning) until the payment due is paid.

'A-A' (Audited Automation) for Billing

Audited Automation is for Subscription Businesses

Automation is key to running and streamlining most businesses today. In the subscription world, automation, especially billing automation, is a necessity. But not all billing automation is the same.

While you can simply automate and make payments happen, you need good records of what happened for each payment; an audit system.

Buzops Software takes a step above the rest by providing audited billing automation; so when you need to dig into historical records to validate information, it is all available at the click of a button.

Audited Automation is for Subscription Businesses
Outside-the-Box Automation Flexibility

Outside-the-Box Automation Flexibility

Stretching is Needed

Who wants to try to get flexible inside a box? It isn’t very efficient or easy. For example, have you ever needed to freeze, pause, or push out billing dates even though your client is set on a regular billing cycle?

Has a client called, emailed, or texted you that they need more time to pay, or that they need to schedule their billing period for a future date?

With Buzops, we help you get flexible for your clients.

We get Flexible and Automate

Don’t get “Boxed-In”; forced to cancel, then later having to resubscribe your client. With Buzops Software, we put the business needs in your hands.

We offer flexibility while billing automation is turned on. Do what you need to do for each client and personalize their experience with Automation Flexibility.

We give you Joe Dun - well the automated computer version

A Lesson in History

As the oldest theory tells (early 1600’s), Joe Dun was a London bailiff famous for catching defaulters. Well, Buzops Software gives you the upgraded form of Joe Dun, the Dunning Process.

If your client defaults on payments, our computer version of Joe goes out there and continues to be persistent until you get your money. We like Joe, so should you!

We give you Joe Dun - well the automated computer version