Our Company

A Brief
introduction to Buzops


Evolving Your Business in a Digital Economy


We believe in simplicity of business software.


To provide an intuitive, integrated, informal, and user-friendly business software – a comprehensive suite of tools to suit every business.

Buzops offers a wide range of expertise and provides cost-effective IT solutions, helping businesses re-invent themselves and emerge successful in this ever-changing and dynamic market. Our broad spectrum of clients includes Industries in the Fitness, Healthcare, Communications, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Travel & Transportation, High-End-Technology, and Public Sectors.

Our Leadership Team aims at changing the pace of Service Software Industries.

  • Our Mission

    To be the Numero Uno Choice of our esteemed Business Owners.

  • Our vision

    To enhance the efficacy of our client’s business operations with the aid of our premier software and 24/7 expert support.

  • Our Values

    Intuition, Innovation & Integrity – Our Innate Values.

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