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Buzops headquartered in the USA. It is a staffing and IT Systems firm which delivers high-quality IT services that leads clients around the world. We are one of the trusted IT partners to our clients and provide them services by helping them to translate their business vision into a measurable, solid IT Vision. Today we have a presence that spans the entire USA and India for delivering winning solutions to our clients.

As a diverse IT solutions provider, we at Buzops offers a huge range of expertise which is aimed at helping customers re-invent and re-engineer their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace. Buzops offers intelligent IT services and cost-effective solutions to clients in the Fitness, Healthcare, Communications, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Retail, Travel & Transportation, High-Technology, and Public Sector industries.

We are offering our IT services in different areas such as Application Management, Application Development, Software Testing, Packaged Applications, and Systems Integration via a delivery model that ensures cost-effectiveness, security, and quality for clients.

Buzops's require-driven deployment of technology and domain expertise that helps in bringing customers a range of result-driven solutions and products that helps in enhancing performance and competitiveness.

Our unique and experienced resources team helps to make a delivery model that allows us to leverage local competencies to provide competitiveness.

  • Our Mission

    Great solutions come from good listening. It's a developed skill. We are the organization who understand the client needs and arrive at highly creative customized solutions that hit a home run – every time.

  • Our vision

    We are a Creative & Interactive firm, collaborating with various amazing clients to develop incredible websites and other interactive solutions. We build partnerships which are founded on focused and collaborative on producing high-impact results.

  • Our Strategy

    We pride ourselves on functional design; there is an intensely focused 160 IQ behind every pretty picture we create. Our designs are byproducts of developing solutions to your well-understood challenges, objectives, strengths, and market.

What We Offer

  • Staffing and Recruiting Services

    Buzops recognizes the virtue of matching great talent to a great opportunity. We make it our purpose in assisting organizations to acquire talent in evolving recruitment.

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  • Enterprise Services

    Buzops approaches enterprise services professionally. This allows us to focus on establishing and achieving clear milestones that lead up to you realize your business goals.

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  • Products

    Buzops help in developing your business by providing business products like subscription management which is our featured product, access control management.

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Our Clients

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We provide solutions to grow your business

At Buzops, you will get absolute and exact solutions to grow your business and with the help of it, you can take your business to the next level.

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