Online Appointment Booking + Payment Solutions

Eliminate the need to use multiple tools to not only book appointments, but also obtain payments to allow limited or infinite subscriptions payments.
Your clients and staff can easily book and manage appointments online using their very own calendar link.
Get multiple calendar links for a multitude of services, or specific calendar links for each provider or team member, plus, easily integrate Square, Stripe, Paypal, or as your payment provider.

“Link It” and Increase Productivity

If you have ever gone back and forth over the phone, text, or email with someone to schedule an appointment, you well know the frustration and time consumption of what should be a simple task.

With Buzops software, all you need to do is send a link to your client and they can easily find a time that best suits their schedule. Simply link your Google or Outlook calendar and your clients will see when you are available based on your work schedule.

Posting your link to your social pages, sharing in an email, in your email signature line, on a landing page booking button, embedded in your website, or simply texting your link to a client, allows you freedom to let clients book when they want, 24/7/365.


The Friendly Software

We tested our scheduling system against top-rated scheduling tools and we received an overwhelming positive response, which we believe makes our software one of the friendliest, leading, software scheduling systems available.

If you need an intuitive, user friendly, scheduling system, then Buzops has all others beat. See for yourself and sign-up for Free Today!