Chargeback + Return Management

Charbacks and Returns giving you the “Blues”? Well, we may not be able to prevent Chargebacks or Returns, but we can certainly improve how you manage them.

More importantly, we can help identify key metrics that are needed to make you and your business better!

Grinding it out - it happens sometimes

Chargebacks and Returns are a grind. If you are offering a great service, these happen very infrequently, but when it does, it really churns your limbic lobe (part of your brain identified for personality).

Why do clients perform chargebacks and returns? You may never know. However we do know that it is a financial necessity to understand and track where this money goes. And Buzops has you covered.


Be the Hero

When you work with Buzops, we report back to you when you have Chargebacks and Returns, making it easier to identify which client performed the action so you can level-up your service and be a hero.

BTW - you are also a hero with your bookkeeper and accountant. They love good numbers and reporting.